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Massage Therapist

My Name is Alex, I have worked in the healthcare Industry for over 33 years as a chiropractic, massage therapist, physical therapist,reflexologist, music therapist and chromo therapist. I received my doctored in Argentinian from I.D.I.P and E.P.P.A schools.


In Paraguay I graduated in natural medicine in Itapúa School.


I have my License as a cosmetology and esthetician, Massage therapist in New York, New Jersey and also in Florida as a Facial specialist and body wrapper.


My focus is Pain relief and optimizing body motion. I utilize technics from many varied healing philosophies to establish "motion and balance, of body and mind". Extremity adjusting is one of my specialties, and I have found that most athletes and stage performers benefit especially.


I am trained and skilled in skin analysis, facials, Cellulite treatment, eyebrow eyelash tinting, body wraps, salt/sugar scrubs, waxing – full face, full body (high proficiency in brow shaping), makeup artistry and lash extensions.


So I love what I do and I'm happy to be part of an integral team that allows me to share this knowledge and experience.


Highlighted Skill:

Deep Tissue Massage


Swedish Massage


Post-traumatic Massage


Post -partum Massage


Drain Lymphatic Massage


Hot stone Massage


Sport Massage


Chiro -Massage


Shiatsu, Chinese Massage (Tui-Na-An-Mo)


Californian Massage


Accu Massage


Reflexology Massage


Chi-Kung Techniques


Therapeutic Massage


Aromatherapy Massage

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